Our Services

Princeton Anesthesia Services is well-regarded for its expertise in a wide range of techniques. Our team is focused on patient comfort and satisfaction.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Peripheral nerve blocks are a type of regional anesthesia that involves injection of anesthetic medications near a cluster of nerves so that only the area of your body that requires surgery will be numb.   Our regional anesthesia team is specially trained and highly experienced in using ultrasound guidance for accuracy and safety.  read more

Continuous Peripheral Nerve Catheters

Pain-relieving catheters, such as the On-Q system, provide a continuous infusion of local anesthesia for up to 3 days after your procedures.   This results in better pain control than oral or intravenous pain medicine alone, fewer side effects from pain medicine, improved physical therapy, better range of motion, earlier mobility, faster recovery overall, and a lower risk of developing of chronic pain after surgery. read more

Neuraxial Anesthesia

Neuraxial anesthesia is a type of regional anesthesia that involves injection of anesthetic medication in the fatty tissue that surround the nerve roots as they exist the spine (also known as an epidural) or into the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds the spinal cord (also known as a spinal).   This numbs the patient from the abdomen to the toes and often eliminates the need for general anesthesia.  read more

Monitored Anesthesia Care

Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) is a technique of sedation provided by the anesthesia team which involved providing sedation while closely monitoring the patient’s vital signs and comfort level.  The anesthesia team uses pain relievers and sedatives to induce an altered state of consciousness that minimizes pain and discomfort.  read more

General Anesthesia

Many major operations are performed under general anesthesia.  This means that the patient will be unconscious and have no awareness of the surgical procedure or other sensations with a combination of medication given through an intravenous line as inhaled mixed with oxygen.  read more

Pediatric Anesthesia

Princeton Anesthesia Services provide specialized and individualized pediatric anesthesia care.   Medical procedures on a child may create a great deal of anxiety for both the child and parent.  We tailor the anesthesia for each child based on medical conditions, developmental level, and the type of procedure needed.  read more

Pain Management

We provide acute pain management services on an inpatient basis.