Pediatric Anesthesia

Princeton Anesthesia Services has board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists on staff to provide specialized pediatric anesthesia care.   Medical procedures may create anxiety for both the child and their parent.  We tailor our care for each child based on their age, medical conditions, developmental level, and the type of procedure.  Before introducing children to the operating room, we often give younger pediatric patients a liquid medication to ease their anxiety.

In many situations, infants and younger children may go to sleep by inhaling anesthesia gas though a candy-scented mask instead of an intravenous injection.  Vitals signs including heart rhythm, breathing pattern, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, anesthesia gas levels, and blood pressure are continuously monitored throughout the anesthetic.  Perioperative nurses who provide care for our pediatric patients before, during, and after surgery are experienced in keeping children safe and comfortable.